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“Service with integrity”

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Have you got a plumbing emergency? Burst pipes? Gas leak? No hot water?

DJS Plumbing and Gas Services can help you!

You will find to be friendly and accommodating. We are master plumbers who provide quality services and strive for the best client experience possible.

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What Our Clients Say....

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Honest, Fast, and Friendly Plumber

David from DJS Plumbing was excellent – punctual, professional, honest, fast, and friendly. He took the time to explain what he was doing and why, which was really appreciated and not something many tradespeople do.

David was there to provide us a Water Efficiency Certificate for our investment property. He also pointed out other things for us to keep an eye on such as wear on our flexible water hoses for the toilet and kitchen sink. In time these hoses could break and leak, causing household damage.

It was great to be given helpful information without feeling like we were being pressured for a sale, as has happened in the past.

A friendly, trustworthy and professional plumber like David is worth their weight in gold. We’ll be using DJS for all of our plumbing and gas needs moving forward and recommending their services to all of our friends and family!

Anthony – Taigum, Brisbane

Need Your Blocked Drain Fixed?

Why Is My Drain Gurgling

Why do Blocked Drains Make a Gurgling Sound?

When a drain is partially blocked, sewage and other waste material may not flush away.

Partially blocked drains are caused by tree roots or foreign objects sitting inside the drain. When the drain is used the effluent and sewerage water runs over the object and rocks back and forth creating a suction. This suction creates the gurgling sound when the toilet, basin, or sink is used.

The solution is for a licensed plumber to clear the drains using a high-pressure water jetter.

Why do pipes have an S bend

How Does an S Bend Work?

Toilets and other plumbing fixtures have an ‘S’ bend connection that is built in or directly fitted.

The S bend is a marvellous invention that allows the flow of wastewater and effluent out of the home. It also prevents dangerous gases such as methane from venting back from sewer mains and entering your home.

Blocked Drain Repairs

How Do I Stop My Plumbing Pipes From Smelling?

A common reason for smelly bathrooms is when a bathroom has not been used for several days. Soap and scum can then build up and solidify in the ‘S’ bends.

An easy DIY solution is to pour a bucket of diluted disinfectant directly into the floor waste gully and shower drain. If the smells persist, a licensed plumber may be needed to clear out the grime with a high pressure jetter to blast away the blockage and clean the dirty drains.

Brisbane Emergency Plumbers

Got a Plumbing Emergency? DJS Plumbing and Gas Services can help you.

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I Don’t Know Where My Drain Runs

There are good reasons for locating your drain before:

  • Digging in a new swimming pool
  • Building a new shed
  • Adding a new driveway
  • Renovating your home

Check before You Dig

DJS Plumbing and Gas are licenced plumbers and we can locate your drain up to 3m deep. This will help you accurately plan your next project without causing unnecessary repairs to storm water drains and sewerage drains.

DJS Plumbing can also provide a full report with CCTV footage if required for your insurance.

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Blocked Drain Repairs

How to Stop Paying Your Tenant’s Excess Water Bills

Excess water use in investment properties can create large bills that eat into your rental income. Certified plumbers can save you money by issuing a water efficiency certificate so your tenant pays for their water consumption. Do tenants pay for water in Queensland? A landlord must pay for their tenant’s water bills in Queensland where:

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