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“Service with integrity”

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How to Stop Paying Your Tenant’s Excess Water Bills

Excess water use in investment properties can create large bills that eat into your rental income. Certified plumbers can save you money by issuing a water efficiency certificate so your tenant pays for their water consumption. Do tenants pay for water in Queensland? A landlord must pay for their tenant’s water bills in Queensland where: Benefits of Saving Water in a Rental Property Fixing leaky water pipes, installing water efficient devices, and then obtaining

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Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains in My Apartment?

Blocked drains in apartment blocks can cause significant property damage, health hazards, and costly repairs if not addressed quickly. In this article, we will discuss the top issues that apartment owners need to consider, and how DJS Plumbing and Gas can help keep your home safe. What Causes a Blocked Drain? Drains can become clogged over time due to hair, soap, and other debris such as foreign materials, broken pipes, back falling, and incorrect

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How Backflow Can Cause Water Contamination

Backflow allows polluted water to enter the mains water supply and it can cause significant risks to public health. This article explains how to identify and fix backflow risks to keep your community safe. When is Backflow Most Likely to Occur Backflow is a reversal of the normal direction of water flow. It occurs when back siphonage or back pressure allows contaminated water and other materials to enter a home’s drinking water pipe system.


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