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How to Stop Paying Your Tenant’s Excess Water Bills

Excess water use in investment properties can create large bills that eat into your rental income. Certified plumbers can save you money by issuing a water efficiency certificate so your tenant pays for their water consumption.

Do tenants pay for water in Queensland?

A landlord must pay for their tenant’s water bills in Queensland where:

  • The rental property is not individually metered for water
  • The rental agreement does not state that the tenant must pay for water consumption
  • Water efficient devices are not installed for the full water consumption period

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Benefits of Saving Water in a Rental Property

Fixing leaky water pipes, installing water efficient devices, and then obtaining a Queensland Water Efficiency Certificate can reduce water bills, increase your property’s value, and lower maintenance and repair costs.

Reduced Water Bills

Implementing water-efficient measures can help landlords lower the water consumption in their rental properties. By reducing the amount of water used by tenants, you will see a direct impact on your water bills.

Water Efficiency Certificates require an inspection of your property by a qualified Brisbane plumber who can identify where water is being wasted, and suggest improvements to your plumbing system to increase efficiency.

Increased Rental Property Value

A water efficiency certificate can enhance the value of your rental property. Tenants and buyers are also drawn to properties that have implemented water-efficient measures. By having the certificate, you can market your property for a higher rental price, or a higher sales price when you choose to sell.

Water Efficiency Rebates and Financial Incentives

Some councils offer incentives or rebates to encourage water efficiency. These incentives can offset the cost of implementing water-saving upgrades or technologies, resulting in overall cost savings.

Reduced Rental Property Maintenance and Repair Costs

By investing in water-efficient upgrades, you can save money and reduce wear and tear on the plumbing system. This is because water-efficient fixtures and appliances often have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance. Low flow taps and toilets can reduce water leaks and clogged drains, leading to fewer repairs or replacements.

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How Can I Make My Rental Property Water Efficient?

The Queensland Government’s Residential Tenancies Authority states that landlords are allowed to pass on the full water consumption charges to tenants.

Water bills can be passed on if the rental property is individually metered and the premises is certified as water efficient. The tenancy agreement must also state that the tenant pays for water.

Landlords or their rental property managers must first prove their water efficient devices have been installed and are working properly. This evidence is best provided by a certified plumber issuing a water compliance certificate.

While water use charges can be passed onto tenants, the lessor must still pay for the fixed water charges and the fixed and variable sewerage charges.

A Guide to Water Compliance Certificate Qld

Hiring a licensed plumber is the easiest way to obtain a Water Efficiency Certificate. DJS Plumbing are experts in testing a rental property’s plumbing system for blockages and leaks. We can then install water saving devices that meet government standards as defined in the Queensland Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002.

DJS Plumbing can:

  • Install individual water meters
  • Install aerators to reduce water flow in shower heads
  • Install water flow restrictors in tap spouts
  • Install flow restrictors directly into the tap
  • Upgrade the toilets to dual flush
  • Upgrade the water outlets and taps to prevent water leaks

DJS can also install a 500kpa Pressure Limiting Valve that connects to the mains water line.

Water Efficiency Standards

A rental property is water efficient if the water fixtures meet these standards:

Water Efficient FixturesMinimum Standard for Water Efficiency
Cold water taps and single mixer taps installed over a kitchen sink, hand basin, or laundry trough.

Bathtub taps and taps for appliances are excluded.
9 litres per minute maximum flow rate
Shower heads9 litres per minute maximum flow rate
ToiletsDual flush toilets must not exceed 3.5 litres on half flush and 6.5 litres on full flush.

Based on the average of 1 full flush and 4 half flushes this equates to a maximum average flush volume of 4 litres.

Buy Water Efficient Products for Your Rental Property

You can save money on your rental property’s water bills by installing water efficient devices. Before buying a new tap or showerhead it’s a good idea to check its water efficiency on the Australian Government’s Water Rating Label website.

This water rating service is regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. It helps landlords and rental agents make informed choices about the water efficiency of taps, showerheads and other devices installed in rental properties.

A good tip is to look for products with a WELS rating with three or more stars.

Isolate Water Leaks in Your Investment Property

To reduce water use costs book in regular inspections of your plumbing system. Follow these steps to perform a water meter test on your rental property:

  • Turn off all taps on the property
  • Check that no taps or toilets are leaking
  • Turn off the water to the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Walk out to water meter on or near your footpath and lift the lid
  • Write down the number you see on the meter
  • Wait 30 minutes and remember not to use any water or flush the toilets
  • Now write down the number you see on the water meter
  • If this number has increased then you have a leak in your water mains that will need to be fixed by a plumber

If your investment property is located interstate or you are not able to check the property yourself, call DJS Plumbing, your local Brisbane plumber.

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DJS Plumbing – Your Water Leak Specialists

DJS Plumbing and Gas Services are master plumbers. We specialise in water certificates, fixing water leaks, and clearing blocked drains for residential and apartment block rental properties .

Our local plumber services include:

  • Inspecting your rental property’s plumbing and water fixtures
  • Upgrading services to meet Queensland Government water efficiency rules
  • Issuing water efficiency certificates
  • Provide a broader inspection of a home’s plumbing and gas services
  • Fixing blocked or damaged water pipes

We are also experts on Backflow Prevention, Gas Services, and Plumbing Maintenance.

If you have a blocked drain, contact DJS Plumbing.

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