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Save up to $1000 on New Washing Machines, Dishwasher and HWS

Are you spending too much money on electricity? The Queensland Government’s Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate could be perfect for you.

Queenslanders can save up to $1000 by replacing their old washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water systems with new 4 star-rated appliances. Not only will you save money on your power bill, but you can also reduce your water bills too.

The rebate amount you receive will depend on the energy efficiency of the appliance you buy. One of the best deals for Queensland families are the 3,000 rebates available for heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water.

Energy Star Super Efficient Water Heater
Image courtesy of the EPA Energy Star website

Who is eligible for the appliance rebate in Queensland?

The rebate amount paid will depend on your household income, and the energy efficient appliance you purchase and install.

There are 2 types of rebates available:

  • Low-Income Rebate – for households with lower annual income
  • Standard Rebate – available to all eligible Queensland households

What is the 4 star appliance rebate in Qld?

Eligible Appliances Upgrade To 4 Star or HigherLow-IncomeStandard Income
Clothes Washing Machines$550$300
Heat Pump Hot Water Systems$1,000$800
Solar Hot Water Systems$1,000$800

How Much Does Energy-Efficient Washing Machine Save?

Choosing a high energy efficiency-rated washing machine not only saves you money on energy bills but also reduces your overall water consumption.

Environmentally friendly clothes washing machines use less water per through improved drum designs, spray rinse technology, and the ability to adjust water levels based on the load size.

Washing machines with a high star rating often include better insulation which means less heat loss. They also have sensors that detect the load size and adjust water levels accordingly. This prevents excessive water usage for smaller loads.

What Are The Benefits Of A New Hot Water System?

When considering a new tankless, tank-style, heat pump, or solar hot water system, it’s essential to assess:

  • Your household needs
  • Your budget
  • The available space to install the new HWS

The top advantage of upgrading to a new hot water system are the energy and cost savings. For example, tank-style heaters are better insulated while tankless water heaters only heat water when needed.

New systems are less likely to breakdown or leak so your family can rely on a consistent supply of hot water for your daily needs. Modern systems also have longer lifespans, use less energy, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved safety features on new hot water systems including pressure relief valves and temperature controls help to reducing the risk of accidents. Modern alternatives to traditional tank systems also free up space. This is a major benefit in apartments and small homes.

water efficient washing machines

Do Household Appliances Need To Be Professionally Installed

Homeowners can install basic appliances however, it’s a good idea to hire a professional for more complex installations. For example, to get the Queensland Government energy rebate for a replacement hot water system, it must be installed by a QBCC licensed plumber such as DJS Plumbing.

DJS Plumbing – Your Trusted Blocked Drain Specialists

DJS Plumbing and Gas Services are master plumbers. We specialise in installing new hot water systems and household appliances for the kitchen and bathroom. We are also experts on Drinking Water Quality, Water Efficiency Certificates, Blocked Drains, Backflow Prevention, and Gas Services.

For expert advice and support, call DJS Plumbing.

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